Our comprehensive care plan covers


Technology never stands still. We will ensure that regular updates keep your site secure and running smoothly.


Nothing is 100% unbreakable. But if the worst happens, daily local and offsite backups will mean nothing is lost.


High spec, non-shared, constantly monitored hosting will mean your site is as secure and fast as possible.


If anything ever breaks, it’s not your problem. In fact we will have probably spotted and fixed it before anyone notices.


Full security is installed on every site and a live monitoring system that will inform us the moment there is a problem.


What happens if something goes wrong? It’s nice to know there is someone you can contact for assistance.

Can’t I just do this myself?

Absolutely. But there are some reasons you might not want to…


You are great at what you do, but that probably doesn’t include maintaining websites. Whilst enthusiasm and good intention shouldn’t be under-rated, there is no substitute for experience and expertise. Free yourself up to focus on your thing.


Your staff or volunteers may not have the time to keep things ticking over nicely. People movement, part-time arrangements, or even just holidays, may lead to constant handovers and training. We are not going anywhere and will always be available.


From experience, when (not if) things start to get busy and chaotic, the first thing to get bumped to the bottom of the list is website maintenance. After all, if it isn’t broken, leave it alone! Your site will always be our priority and we won’t let things slip.

Money saving

For a modest monthly fee we can free up your people, save time by tackling potential problems before they arise, and save you repeat training costs. But most importantly you get piece of mind knowing that someone else has taken it off your hands. Priceless.

Care Plan +

So, the maintenance is covered, but what about the content?

We observe that the other main downfall with websites is a lack of new content. If you would like to add a little more to the maintenance package, then we will allocate some time every month for your site. It’s up to you how this is used, but possibilities include:

Posting some blog posts
Adding an event or news banner
Performing some minor design tweaks
Advising on some technical questions