Don’t you just hate websites that have no prices on them?

Very much. We thought long and hard about putting them on, even vague ranges, but in the end decided that it wouldn’t be helpful. Because our offering will be suited exactly to your need, there is no standard set of prices to work from. Be assured that the process of giving you a quote is quick and easy, and there will never be any pressure to accept. We believe in what we offer, but also that you should weigh up the alternatives and pick the best solution for you.

C’mon, why not give us a clue?

We don’t want to waste your time, so perhaps this might help. We won’t be the cheapest you could find. We won’t fob you off with a pre-prepared design template, rush the process through, and leave you to fend for yourself. We charge a bit more so that we can offer bespoke designs, a collaborative process, and hopefully an ongoing relationship. We won’t be anywhere near the most expensive. Fivetrees is not a big agency with a swanky headquarters and teams of designers. We aim to offer a high quality service for small to medium-sized organisations that represents great value for money.

Do we need an existing domain?

No. If need a domain, or want a new one, then we can help advise and search. If you are happy with your existing domain then we can easily work with that. If you agree for us to host your site then we’ll need access to the domain settings to tweak some numbers.

Can you just make changes to our existing website?

Unfortunately this is unlikely. Working with something that someone else set up, possibly with out-of-date tools, can be really tricky and it is usually more economical to start from scratch.

Our hosting seems fine, why would we switch to yours?

Your existing hosting may be perfectly sufficient, and we will happily run some industry standard tests and let you see the results. However we are very confident that we can offer a much better service. It also helps greatly for us as website developers to have access and control of the servers where your site is hosted. Dealing with things in your name, when we are not you, can be problematic! We are also sure that giving us a call whenever you need to will be much less frustrating than trying to get an answer from a big hosting company.

Is there anything that your Care Plans don’t cover?

We can’t predict what might happen to your site (nothing is 100% unbreakable) but we can guarantee that we will fix whatever goes wrong. If you have a Care Plan + then we will have agreed how much time each month you have available – if you need substantial work that can’t be done in that allocation, then we might need to agree an additional one-off charge.

So, I noticed no prices on the Care Plans either?

Yes, we are a broken record; it all depends on what you need. We’d like to think that it will cost no more than 2-3 hours of one of your employees time. For a service that includes specialised support, advanced hosting, and peace of mind – we think it is well worth it. Consider how much you might save if your site still looks and performs great in a few years and you don’t need to replace it again.

Am I locked in once I start a plan?

Absolutely not. You are free to cancel the arrangement at any point. If you have hosting with us then you will need to obtain another hosting plan to ensure that your site stays live.

Can you design graphics for anything other than our website?

You will own any graphic work we produce for you, and it can therefore be used for anything you wish. Our experience is with graphics for websites and we don’t want you to think we are a design agency that can produce complex brochures and magazines. However, if your requirements are more modest, like leaflets or flyers (or even mugs!), we might be able to help.