All our sites come with the following features as standard

WordPress based

WordPress powers over 38% of the world’s websites. It is a trusted and flexible system that can grow with you and never lock you in to a particular hosting company.


An increasing amount of web traffic is coming from mobiles and tablets. Your site will be designed and tested to ensure it works as well in your hand as on a large monitor.


From the obvious, like ensuring your site has an SSL Certificate (green padlock) to protecting the site against hackers, we take security very seriously. 

Staging site

Your site will be set-up on a temporary domain for as long as needed. After testing and final design, this can be transferred to your live address. 


Large image uploads, inefficient code, and excess features will all slow down your site. We will optimise and test page speed to give the fastest performance possible.

GDPR compliant

Protecting the data of those who use your site is crucial. Using latest legislation, we will ensure everything from your Cookie pop-ups to your Privacy Policy are all in order.


You may already have a site hosted elsewhere. We can certainly work with your existing host, but we are confident that we can offer something better.

Shared hosting

Most popular hosting plans keep your site on a shared server. That means your site is affected by the resource demands and security weaknesses of other sites hosted on the same server. This is out of your control. We offer hosting on Cloud Servers that are only for our use. That way we can ensure there are no annoying neighbours to worry about.


The speed of your site is crucial, it reflects in search engine results and affects whether users stay on your pages. Many host servers come with the bare minimum specifications that can struggle when things get busy. Ours have high-performing hardware with more than enough power, and can be scaled up immediately if your requirements change.

The best bit – hosting is included with our Care Plans.

A bespoke solution for you

It is difficult to construct a standard package of features to fit all situations. Obviously the complexity of your site will impact the final cost, but we will ensure you only get the features you need. The table below might help you begin to think about your requirements.


You will always receive:

Initial consultation
Bespoke design
Feedback & changes
Handover training


A few pages
Content rarely changes
Contact form


News and updates
Blog posts
Links with social media feeds


Search Engine Optimisation
Content Delivery Network